Installation & Commissioning



For a turnkey delivery, a professional installation of the equipment is required.

Prior to the installation, the following items are agreed upon:

  • Installation procedure/sequence
  • Timing and resource planning
  • Specialised equipment required
  • Procedure at battery limits



Process plants are almost always individual solutions that require specific commissioning. During the commissioning stage, the original engineering idea becomes reality.

In close collaboration between the engineering and automation team, the equipment will be put into operation. Raw materials will be brought in as well as process parameters adjusted in order to achieve the required product quality and designed plant throughput.

The commissioning phase represents a very important stage for training future operating staff.
We will support you until handing over the plant to the production and maintenance teams.


Depending on the project requirement, we can carry out a supervisory installation and/or commissioning. For turn-key installations, we work with customer staff, suppliers and partner companies.
During all stages, you will have the same project partners. We will support you from the project idea, equipment delivery until turnkey installation incl. commissioning.